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The furniture in your business works as many hours each week as you and your employees do. And while you get a daily cleaning, your office upholstery probably does not. Dirty upholstery in the office can shorten the life of your furniture, not to mention present a poor image for your customers. If they are not maintained property, dirty office chairs can even stain clothing and spread germs.

How to Clean Furniture in the Office

Routine maintenance of office furniture includes regular dusting and vacuuming, to help minimize the accumulation of dirt and crumbs. Furniture designed for the commercial setting is made of highly durable materials, so a weekly wipe down is sufficient for normal use. If you do get a spot on your furniture, clean it immediately to avoid a permanent stain. A little liquid dish soap dissolved in water and applied with a clean, lint-free cloth is usually enough to remove a small stain. At least once each year, all office furniture should be subjected to a professional deep-cleaning treatment.

Office Furniture Cleaning Tips and Tricks

High-quality furniture is often factory treated with soil-resistant chemicals (like Scotch Guard), but this protective layer diminishes over time. Applying Scotch Guard once a year will help keep your furniture like new. Follow manufacturer’s directions and test the product first in an inconspicuous spot. If you do get a tough stain, upholstery cleaners made for automotive use may be more effective than those designed for residential use. Avoid using chairs for anything other than sitting. In other words, don’t use them as an impromptu table or as a step stool.

Using a Professional Company to Clean Office Furniture

Most busy professionals don’t have a clue how to deep or steam clean furniture in the office. Although general maintenance is simple and intuitive, true commercial furniture cleaning takes specialized equipment and a lot of experience. It can also be disruptive to the operation.

A professional office cleaning company will know exactly how to clean your office furniture, and can perform the services at night or on the weekend, minimizing downtime for your employees. Even if you do not typically use a janitorial service, it is beneficial to do so for periodic deep cleaning of your business’s furniture and upholstery. DIY office furniture cleaning, when done improperly, can potentially damage fabrics, void product warranties, and shorten the life of expensive assets. Commercial upholstery cleaning services will guarantee their work and use products and techniques that are safe for your furniture. When in doubt, don’t take chances. Contact a professional to keep your office furniture clean and in tip-top condition.

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