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If you are considering contracting out some of your janitorial services, you may already be aware of the most obvious benefits, (namely a cost effective service which achieves top level results), but you may not have thought about some of the hidden benefits which you may actually receive. All will be revealed if you read on:

Happier staff 
By taking additional steps to ensure the working environment is clean, clear and safe to work in, you are likely to improve the health and morale of your staff. Research has shown that improving the working environment is likely to make people feel more positive, and that they are more likely to work together properly for the benefit of the whole team if they are in this mental state. You are also likely to experience a lower rate of staff turnover, if people enjoy coming to work in your organisation. Ensuring that the office is regularly cleaned by a professional will help to make it a more comfortable environment that your team are happier to come to work in.

Reduce the risk of litigation 
Failure to take care of your working space can lead to some areas becoming unsafe, or some risks managing to escape unchecked. If one of these risks turns into a reality, and someone in your working environment becomes hurt because of it, they could end up starting a legal action against your company. Sorting issues out before they become a problem doesn't cost very much, but if you are struck by a litigious action, the costs can run into millions of dollars in some cases!

Improved productivity 
If your staff know that they cannot leave straight away at the end of the working day, they will not be as productive during the last 15 minutes, because they will begin to take time off from their actual jobs to try to get the rest of their workspace into order. However, if they know that there is a janitorial services company coming in to the building after they leave, they will have no excuse not to continue to work hard until it is time for them to go home. In general, people are more productive when they are doing a job which is part of their skills set. Therefore, if they are required to perform a task which would not normally fall under their job description, they work more slowly, and the standard of their work will slip. Combat this by hiring professional janitorial services.

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